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"What Will Your Story Be?" Mental Health Tips

Are You stuck in Victim-hood?


A mental health tip:

I had some of the most interesting commutes from walking down the stairs working at a dude ranch to fighting traffic for two hours a day on the outskirts of Seattle. On one of these commutes, I would pass by an old abandoned barn with some graffiti written on the side saying, “what will your story be?”

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Often we walk through life identifying as a victim to the ongoing onslaught of whatever life brings us. We don’t usually look at our life as something we are working to create.

I found myself sitting with and elder a few days ago and we were strategizing how to work through some life stresses of mine. There was a silence between us while we contemplated what we had been discussing. A break in the silence and the elder says,

“I like the life I created.”

He holds up his hands to a nice small home, dog, a yard of growing food, art projects everywhere, a view of the ocean/islands, visiting friends/family, and so on. He saw himself as the author of his life that he created. He could feel good in the life he had written for himself.

When our life seems to be falling apart at the seams, perhaps we need to step into the driver seat of our life. Maybe we’ve become passive and we’re just pointing out the problems that arise in our life. Some of us need a kick-start to get going or just a reminder, you are writing your story. If life feels like it’s given you a bunch of problems, how do you respond?

This is you actively writing your story.

If you’re passive to these changes, life is writing your story. Take charge and respond with the mindset, you are writing your life story.



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