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Videos Are Out


We've heard your requests and we've prioritized the courses and videos you want first. We've been working hard getting these videos put together for you. We appreciate your patience.

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Love is great for healing from your past. In this video we learn how to gently and expediently heal from difficulties we just can't seem to get past.

Comfort Eating is a free video that touches on the tools learned in 'Love' and we apply them to mindless-eating, comfort-eating, or emotional-eating as it is often described. We learn hands on tools to address psychological components in our eating habits.

Breath of Presence is great for bringing peace back into your life. After this course we will feel empowered with the tools to address any problem with confidence and resolve.

Creating is a phenomenal course for addressing our worries of the future. We figure out how to be intentional about our life and move past the things that hold us back.

Attend is the ultimate tool in healing and changing our life experience. This video is coming very soon.

We are constantly putting together videos so folks have easy and affordable access to this cultural technology. Do you want to request a video not available yet, check here. Wishing you all the best in your healing journeys.



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