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The 'Healing' is Here

Learning to Heal Self and Others

I’ve heard the rumblings, “when’s the ‘Healing’ video series coming out?” Really, putting this together has been nothing short of a work of passion and ultimately, vision. It started out as a very long series. However, I wanted it to be as refined as possible. So, I re-wrote the course several times and brought it down to its essential bones. It is likely that we will still have another ‘Healing’ series where we learn different strategies for self-healing work and healing others. The opportunities and strategies for healing work are endless. However, this first series provides not only a great place to start or continue your healing journey but it provides a wonderful introduction to many of the fundamental tools taught at A Little Oneness Therapy. Consider it a chance to sample all the flavors in the ice-cream shop.

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I’ve learned that we should expect nothing less than love, respect, and compassion from one another. And the flip side of this, we should expect nothing less than love, respect, and compassion coming from ourselves. However, when we haven’t healed: love, respect, and compassion are often absent. It is up to us to heal to free up that love, respect, and compassion that has been begging to come out of our lives.

As we heal, the faucet slowly gets turned on.

If we continue with this work, we eventually overwhelm the sink and water cascades over the lip. The faucet is the infinite nature that flows to and through all things. The sink is our physical self. It is not meant to hold on to love, respect, and compassion as if it were running out. The faucet is infinite, we just have to be open and accepting of its gifts. It is not only for us; it is supposed to overflow us and be a gift to all things around us. We become contagious and love, respect, and compassion begins to flood everywhere. It becomes inescapable.

We have all had unique experiences that apply to only ourselves. Therefore, everyone’s healing journey will look a little different. However, there is usually the pattern of letting go of the difficulties of the past and worries of the future; all the while, accepting the gifts of the present. I’ve heard many people say this but I’ve rarely encountered someone who knows how to do this. I think people say this because they instinctively know this to be true even though they have no idea how. In the ‘Healing’ series, we learn how to do this in one of the most expedient, gentle, and simplest ways to heal I have ever encountered.

There are loads of healing strategies out there from allopathic medicine to the countless different cultural strategies around the world. They all have something invaluable to offer, we just have to look with love, respect, and compassion. This ‘Healing’ series emphasizes starving the fear, hate, spite, and division by flooding it with love, respect, and compassion.

The strategy is simple but the path can be challenging. We can come face to face with our difficulties. That fear, hate, doubt, spite, and division has likely served us and maybe even protected us to some degree. Letting this go will take some courage. Accepting the gifts given to us on a daily basis can have its challenges too. We become so fixated on protecting ourselves, we unintentionally push out the things we need to heal.

When we heal, we slowly detach from the chaos of the world and reattach to our authentic self: fearless, loving, respectful, and compassionate. And the flood gates open.

Describing healing is rather pointless because the healing journey is perfectly in sync with you and your experiences, your culture, your spirituality or religious background, and everything that makes you uniquely you. This journey is part of the unique gift you offer the world.

The tools learned in ‘Healing’ provide a simple strategy to heal on a moment-to-moment basis. They become integrated into our daily lives. We no longer need to stop everything just so we can heal and take care of ourselves. The ‘Healing’ series is still pretty long because we cover a lot. Be prepared to shake your foundations and free yourself up.

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