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The Therapeutic Tool I Teach All My Clients

In 'Love' we teach a self-empowering tool to address life's issues efficiently and gently. This tool provides us the ability to address the more difficult things we have expereinced. We strive to heal and learn from our past. 

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Healing Our Past

‘Love’ is a great place to start learning how to heal yourself.

It is usually the first tool that gets taught in this type of therapy.  This unique approach is rapid yet a gentle way to healing and learning from life. Anyone who has had a difficult life, with struggles like depression, anxiety, anger, or self-efficacy will find this course immensely helpful.  In this class we are learning and refining this skill to perfection so that we are able to become who we were always meant to be.


  • Empowerment

  • Emotional maturity

  • Clarity

  • Mental freedom

  • Respond vs. react

Your Heart is Your Guide

The answers to our problems reside within our hearts. This guidance helps us navigate life's most complex issues from relationship problems to parenting.

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Aaron Mitchell, MS, MHC

Aaron has a BA in psychology and a master's degree in mental health counseling.  He has been in the health care field since the early 90's.


As an adolescent, Aaron started healing and learning from American Indigenous elders. This healing addressed many issues including psychological ones.  He returned to these elders to adress a traumatic incident that conventional psychology didn't help. Cultural psychological treatment simply wasn't available in his area.

With permission, Aaron integrated traditional Indigenous approaches into therapy with his clients.  It helped immensly and addressed some issues conventional psychology couldn't.  The traditional techniques were altered slightly to fit in a clinical setting.


People saught out this cultural treatment approach and always lamented the lack of availibility and choice in therapy.

Aaron founded ALOT to provide more cultural treatment approaches world-wide.

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