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COURSE: Confidence - Overcoming Insecurity & Doubt

Like most people, I've suffered from doubt and insecurity...

It's part of what led me to become a therapist. My training and extensive experience has taught me that doubt and insecurity have one thing in common, they are forms of fear.  


In this course I teach you how to calmly and peacefully face your fears with confidence, so you can finally live boldly.


Having these tools alone, builds confidence in our abilities.  However, we’re not going to stop there. I'm going to teach you how to easily cultivate confidence within and around you everyday.  


In this course I'll teach you 3 simple tools to address feelings like doubt, insecurity, and fear — while cultivating confidence.

Start living boldly today, for just $59.95

Learn to live boldly

Are insecurity and doubt keeping you from living your best life?

If you often...

  • Hesitate to speak up or stand your ground.

  • Have trouble making and trusting your decisions.

  • Withdrawal from social events and interactions.

  • Feel intimidated by romantic opportunities.

  • Feel inadequate in life.

Then this course was created for you. Learn practical tools to overcome insecurity and doubt.

Course Benefits:

  • Learn to be fearless in who you are and what you say. 

  • Learn to be decisive and unwavering your choices.

  • Engage in social events with poise and boldness. 

  • Be yourself with partners and relationships.

  • Feel empowered to be your true self in life.


Aaron Mitchell, MS, MHC

Aaron has a BA in psychology and a master's degree in mental health counseling.  He has been in the health care field since the early 90's.


As an adolescent, Aaron started healing and learning from American Indigenous elders. This healing addressed many issues including psychological ones.  He returned to these elders to adress a traumatic incident that conventional psychology didn't help. Cultural psychological treatment simply wasn't available in his area.

With permission, Aaron integrated traditional Indigenous approaches into therapy with his clients.  It helped immensly and addressed some issues conventional psychology couldn't.  The traditional techniques were altered slightly to fit in a clinical setting.


People saught out this cultural treatment approach and always lamented the lack of availibility and choice in therapy.

Aaron founded ALOT to provide more cultural treatment approaches world-wide.

Empower Your True Self

A life of insecurity and doubt imprisons who we are.


This is no way to live life.  I created this course to help you break free of this psychological prison and explore your world with poise, confidence, and courage.

Got questions?  Email us.

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