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‘Couples’ is for learning tools that address relationship problems.


Couples is a 7 part challenging video series focused on healing relationships.  It is not required that all partners participate but it is encouraged.  With this comes enormous insight to ourselves, our past, where we may be headed, our partner, and our relationship.  Many find this course provides extraordinary freedom to loving freely and safely in a trusting relationship.  We gain extra sensitivity to our partner's needs and learn how to cultivate the things that bring mutual happiness, safety, unconditional love, compassion, grace, and respect .  Similar to couple’s therapy, there are no guarantees that your relationship will remain intact.  In some cases, a couple will acknowledge that their relationship is coming to an end and they let the other person continue on in their life journey.  However, this series should not be considered a replacement for couple's therapy.


Start learning relational styles to healing.

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