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Whispers of the Heart

Learning from our right to choose.


There are whispers in our heart that are gentle and kind. They are gently pulling us in a direction. We look at this direction and make a judgement from what we’ve been told and what we’ve learned from our past. This judgment has the power to completely shut down this gentle pull.

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Perhaps we are being pulled to make a career change. It is late in our life and we’ve invested many years at the company we’ve been working at. A change means a potential financial pay cut for several years. It will likely hinder the growth of our retirement investments. Perhaps there is a reputation of loyalty to our company that is being challenged. The pull is gentle but persistent. When we explore it, if feels right but logically we say it doesn’t make sense. With time, this opportunity begins to fade. We stick with what we’ve committed to despite the problems that this choice creates.

The pulling sensation is guiding us to the perfect answers to all our problems. But we choose to ignore this pull and get upset when life doesn’t get better or it even gets worse.

When we all follow the unique path of rightness we all have, perfection ensues. We become the perfect person at the perfect time that does the perfect thing. It fulfills needs within us and around us. Our pure generosity, kindness, courage, and strength become a testimony of Oneness.

Beautiful things happen all the time.

If we were to go into the wilderness without destination, time constraint, or purpose, and we just follow this gentle pull, we will encounter beauty again and again. We may even witness or become part of miraculous things. In the wilderness, animals, plants, insects, fish, rocks and everything are all following their path of rightness. The creation, experience, and witnessing of this beauty is the path of our rightness. It guides us to beauty, healing, and perfection. It is effortless.

All humans have the right to choose their unique path of rightness or something else. We explore this choice in depth in the course 'Attend.' When we follow our path of rightness and we are among humans in a community or city, life can be challenging. Many of these humans are choosing something different instead of their unique path of rightness. This means their activities will assuredly exploit or cause harm to someone or something else.

Many folks who are carrying around a feeling or sense of disgust about themselves will look at a person walking in rightness, with fear. They will feel threatened by their purity and they will want to change this. This is often done by marginalizing a person to push them to react. If their reaction is egregious enough, then others will see them just as repulsive as they feel about themselves. It is an insidious attack.

Events like this are striving to take away our right to choose.

Many spiritual elders and leaders will teach us that we cannot heal someone without their permission. To do so is a violation of someone's right to choose. Imposing a healing onto someone that doesn’t need it is taking their right to choose away and this is dark and selfish. We are assuming they need this healing based on our personal understanding of the world and life. Do we even really know what life is really like for them? If we don’t know this with absolute clarity, we shouldn’t be imposing things onto others. However, many have no idea that they are giving their right to choose away.

We’ve either made a judgement despite the gentle pull that is going in a different direction. Or we have given this choice away. Perhaps there is someone who doesn’t want us to be on our unique path of rightness. They feel threatened by it. So, we accommodate their fears and we ignore our personal gentle pull. Whether we give our right away or it is taken, it is our right to take it back at any time. Some will not like it and there will be nothing we can do to make them happy. In many relationships neither party is following a path of rightness. One party has numbed themselves to their rightness and the other is likely ignoring it.

Neither parties are to blame.

We all have the right to make our personal choice regardless of the circumstances. Meaning, under no circumstances can someone take away our right to choose our unique path of rightness just like someone can’t take away our right to choose something else. This human right goes both ways.

*Laura was in a long-term abusive relationship. However, it wasn’t the obvious abuse like physical or sexual abuse. This was psychological abuse, which carries an insidious quality. It took Laura a long time to realize how abusive her partner was.

Laura had an innocent quality that people just loved. However, her partner *Sam found this quality threatening. He felt that all his friends, her friends, and the new friends they made, were all mostly friends because of her. Sam felt they liked being with her more. Sam started to do subtle things that were mean but difficult to trace back to him. He would hide her things so she felt like she was constantly looking for things. If it was an object he found really threatening, he would sometimes throw it off a cliff or throw it in the trash. His actions ranged from hiding things to infidelity.

Laura was oblivious to all this as she was just doing Laura. Essentially, she was following her unique path of rightness. Laura started to learn the skills taught in ‘Couples’ after a friend referred her to the course. She employed a relational healing technique that not only worked to heal her but it healed Sam as well.

While Sam was no longer reacting to Laura out of fear. Laura couldn’t in good conscious continue the relationship. So much trust had been broken and Sam struggled to rebuild the trust. Laura divorced Sam and Sam ended up moving far away. They reached an understanding that their relationship was long overdue to end. Neither of them had the courage to listen to that gentle pull inside over the years. If they had, they likely wouldn’t have gotten married in the first place and the problem wouldn’t have gotten as big as it had.

Our relationships come and go all the time. We never really lose anyone and we never really gain anyone. We are One and our belief in the separation described here is illusion. A relationship changes but our experience with them was a real experience. It changes because it needs to. One or both parties need to maintain their freedom of choice. If both or either party chooses something different than their God given unique path of rightness, there will be problems and they will compile over time.

Listen to those gentle whispers in the heart.

These whispers speak of a gentle pull in us that feels kind, considerate, gracious, forgiving, strong, courageous, and loving. They will guide us to everything we need. They will guide us to our healing. If we choose our rightness, everything that is rightfully ours will come to our life experience. It should be expected.

Pray for clarity of rightness. Expect that you have a choice to choose your path of rightness. Know that this rightness will not guide you to do anything illegal or truly harmful to anyone. It will always have a healing effect on us and those around us. If it has rightness, it has perfection.


*Names and places were changed to maintain confidentiality.


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