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Where Is Our Center?

Are we aligned with Oneness or are we pretending to be someone we were never meant to be?


Our center is a reference to who we are. When our center is aligned with who we truly are: we are kind, accepting, inclusive, considerate, and unconditionally loving to all.

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When our center is aligned with something else that we are not: we are fearful, we are hateful, we are unaccepting, we are exclusive of others, we oppress others, we manipulate, and we are hurtful to others. Often, we are not aware that this is how we are being. We do it habitually* and thoughtlessly.

In every moment of our lives, we are making decisions and acting from wherever our center is aligned. If our center is aligned with who we are not, we impose a fearful and hateful experience on to those around us. If our center is aligned with who we truly are, we accept every moment and exude, kindness, acceptance, inclusivity, and most importantly unconditional love.


* Habit is an important issue in our spiritual journey. It is addressed in the course titled, 'Habit.'


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