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What is Oneness?

When we know our roots, we know who we are.


Another question might be, ‘what is not Oneness?’ The answer to this question is nothing. The answer to the former, is everything. It all is Oneness. From a thought in our head to the American continent, it all is part of Oneness. Nothing is excluded from Oneness.

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Oneness is typically seen as an advanced spiritual concept that only the few enlightened discover and come to know. However, there was never an exclusiveness about Oneness. Exclusiveness by definition alone is the exact opposite of Oneness. Oneness is available to everyone and everything. In reality, we are never free of Oneness. It is who we truly are. We are born in Oneness, we live in Oneness, and we die in Oneness. So why do some spiritual seekers seem to arduously spend their lives seeking Oneness?

Well, this is the path we are all on whether we know it or not. We are discovering who we are so we can live on earth in Oneness. Those spiritual seekers know that they are simply discovering something that is already there. Some seek Oneness outside of themselves and they will find it but it’s likely a more challenging life path. Oneness is more easily found within. Once someone discovers their Oneness, it is easy to see it all around them.

Why seek Oneness in the first place. Well, those that have made discoveries of their Oneness know that their lives change for the better in extraordinary ways. They become kinder people. They know that if they treat others with a lack of kindness, this harms them and they feel more pain and discomfort in the world and within themselves. However, if they treat others with kindness, what returns in their life is kindness. Those that have sought Oneness on their spiritual path, know this as fact from their real life experiences of it.

Oneness is a popular topic in eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, particularly around the concepts associated with karma. Karma is the idea that we endure the effects of our actions either in our lifetime or in another lifetime through reincarnation. Oneness concepts can be found in Judaism, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Leviticus 19:18). It can be found in Christianity, when Jesus said “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30). Oneness concepts can be found in oral cultural traditions in Australia and in the Americas. Oneness concepts are also explored in scientific research. These are just to name a few. Anyone who seeks a spiritual path regardless of beliefs, religion, or spirituality, has discovered pieces of Oneness that were already there.

Coming to know our Oneness provides us the opportunity to heal and learn. But it goes much further than this. It changes what we do in life by aligning who we are being with our true self. When we become who we were truly meant to be, our life changes in extraordinary ways.

When we stop treating others poorly, they stop treating us poorly.

Sure, we’ve heard these things from religious clergy, spiritual elders, or wise people in our lives but few seem to actually follow this suggestion. It is because, we haven’t let ourselves discover our Oneness. Something stands in the way that blinds us. What stands in the way is likely a mystery for most.

At ‘A Little Oneness Therapy,’ we fearlessly address this mystery head on with tangible tools. We sit in mystery, until it reveals itself. Once the mystery is understood, that which blinds us of our Oneness, is gone. We learn. We heal. We are One.



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