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Want Versus Need

Aligning or wants with our needs.


Is it really a need or is it just a want?

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Both want and need suggests a lack of something. For our purposes here, want is something we lack but don't actually need. We may think we need it but we really don't. Need is something we lack but may not want.

We may need to heal and learn from a painful life experience but may not want to; it was too painful. Need is something we cannot do without, spiritually.

Our needs and wants could align when we recognize our purpose on earth. This life path is unique to us. Want is born from a path of individuality. Need is a result of our resistances to our painful life experiences.

Need is fulfilled when we accept our life experiences, including the painful bits. Want is often what we think we need. When we realize this we stop wanting and we know how to fulfill our needs.



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