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Unhappy People of the World

We are living in an angry world and we're playing a role in this. There's a way through this. We go under it.


Mass shootings, droughts, wildfires, floods, political corruption, racism, discrimination, pandemics, protests, and economic instability are just a few reasons to be unhappy. Historically, a few of these things would happen in just a few select places around the world but now, it is happening everywhere.

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We have no refuge from this unhappiness unless we retreat to the few rare remote wildernesses left in the world. For most, this is not a possibility. Historically, if a nation found itself in a similar disposition, there would soon be a revolution that would completely reframe the nation or the nation would simply cease to exist (Rome, USSR). So what happens when the entire world is largely unhappy and legitimately angry?

We are about to find out.

That growing discomfort that many of us are pretending is not there, is about to overwhelm us. We are going to be overwhelmed by the emotions within us and the situation around us. We will thoughtlessly react from a place of fear or hatred. We viciously snap like a dog at its owner, when they intend to treat its wounds. We are snapping at each other because we are wounded and need time and space to heal. The majority of us have many wounds that people just keep poking. Sooner or later, we're going to snap and someone's likely to get hurt.

We need to figure out how to heal our wounds, learn from our mistakes, and become a better person. Most of us have been trying. So this is not the issue.

Perhaps we should try a different approach since ours doesn't seem to be really helping. If we're honest, our approach helps a little but not really. We're still struggling.

How do we heal ourselves when we're surrounded by a constant stream of people who are legitimately afraid and angry. We could blame other people, a group, or a nation. But if we're being honest with ourselves, we know that blaming someone doesn't make us feel better...really. We still feel terrible because whatever happened to us, still happened to us. This experience doesn't go away.

We are resisting an uncomfortable life experience that left us feeling overwhelmed and possibly hurt.

All life experiences simply need to be felt and learned from. Resistance to any life experience will prolong the uncomfortable experience in what we feel day-to-day. Consider we are resisting the pain we felt from a break-up or divorce through: distractions, drugs, social media, sex, eating, or whatever we find enjoyable. These numbing behaviors work and we do become numb to our pain. But when someone does or says something in just the right way, we become the dog that snaps at someone trying to heal our wounds.

We may be numb but the wounds are still there. And they are causing havoc in our life because so many people are unhappy and angry right now. Many are taking their pain out on others blindly and chaotically. We are acting from a place of fear and anger.

We are One.

What we do to others, we are doing to ourself.

What are you doing to yourself?

What are you doing to others?

If you are treating other's with kindness but you are not kind to yourself...this is a problem.

If you are treating yourself with kindness but you are not kind to others...this is a problem.

In both these scenarios, the person is acting from places of fear and or hate. These actions will cause hurt to ourself and others. We will eventually see in return this hurt we have put out. And it's going to hurt worse than when we put it out the first time. So we continue to put out this hurt and it comes back more painful than its original format. At what point do we say, enough is enough?

It is us, that must finally stop, feel, learn, and grow. Nobody is going to do this for us. Even if there is someone that we can legitimately blame. We still went through the experience and blame doesn't take it away.

We need to throw a wrench into this cycle and approach things differently. Through Oneness, we can heal this...quickly and gently. We can learn and mature into the person we were always meant to be. We can be happy and kind even when the world seems to be in complete chaos. We are no longer the snapping dog every time someone pokes our wounds. Our wounds have healed. Instead we respond to these pokers with a calm and a mature response.

*Jane had one abusive partner after the next. Some were physically abusive, many were psychologically abusive, and some were even sexually abusive. The cycle repeated over and over again throughout the years.

Jane was abused by her father when she was young. As a child she was overwhelmed by the experience and shrunk in fear. She distracted herself from the pain of this experience by searching for her soul-mate. Relationship after relationship, the abuse was still there and her wounds were poked continuously.

Jane figured out how to feel the abuse of the original experience with her father long ago. She didn't have to relive the experience, just briefly feel the original moment. She then discovered she healed all the abuse and began to quickly learn from the experience.

Jane is now in a deeply caring and loving long-term relationship.

Take a deep breath into the center of your discomfort. Heal & learn.


*Names, places, and gender have been altered to respect, protect identity, and confidentiality.


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