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The Foundation of Oneness

An Excerpt From 'A Little Oneness Therapy,' the Book.


Welcome ALL. In order for us to begin, we need a basic understanding and foundation for the current journey we are ALL on. Life has never been about the sequence of birth, play, school, job, family, retirement, and death. Life has always been about creatively expressing ourselves as an individual from a place of Oneness.

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Currently, we ALL have come to this life experience to learn how to be in Oneness while experiencing something that appears very individual. We can look around and see that we all have separate physical bodies from other humans, animals, rocks, water, and so on. This world provides us the experience of individuality while at the base, we are all One.

The Oneness is ALL of it. Everything we see, feel, smell, taste, and experience is the Oneness. It also includes everything we don’t know. It also includes everything that has no physical form, like a spirit, an energy, a thought, or an intention.

There is something that may appear to be separate from Oneness but in reality it is not. We are going to call this, the Great Illusion for now or rather just illusion. Illusion is the distortion of the perspective of Oneness. Illusion can be summed up as, ‘we are separate.’

When we are born, we are born with the perspective of Oneness. With time we are taught to recognize the things in our world as separate and we should act in a certain way to navigate this world of individuality. We are essentially learning the basis for the accepted behavior of being separate. We learn how to socially interact from a place of illusion. We begin to determine reality from the individual physicality of our world. It’s not so much that this is wrong or bad but rather it’s a distortion of our true beingness.

When we are born, we are learning how to drive a very complex piece of machinery. We are learning how to operate our arms, legs, eyes, mouth, and so on. As we do this, we are also perceiving our world and learning how to think about it. On top of all this complexity, we add the element of emotions, which can be intense and overwhelming to us. As we grow older, we learn from our caregivers how to navigate these elements. Our caregivers can only teach us what they know, which at this point has been largely limited as a whole in our world. Some never learn the finer intricacies of physical movement. Many never learn to think critically for themselves and require an outside source for validation. Worldwide, much of our contemporary culture represses emotions, particularly uncomfortable ones. As a result, many of us are severely stunted in our emotional maturity. Our perspectives are distorted and limited and our bodies are getting sick and dying prematurely.

The life of the earth has been cycling through birth and death. Our earth has been growing and building for billions of years. It is currently entering a phase upon which the earth typically begins to be destroyed on a massive scale. In past cycles this varies slightly with each passing. Each time, mankind is a little more apt to push this creation phase longer. However, in some cycles we have not only wiped out all human life but nearly all life on earth, leaving us to start over. It is the belief in the illusion, ‘we are separate’ that formulates this destructive path.

If we take a brief moment to look at the current state of the world and we can see this destructive path, corruption in politics, racism, societal unrest, growing intensity of storms, droughts, floods, pandemics, inexplicit mass shootings/violence, and war. This comes from the perspective, ‘we are separate.’ If this continues to be our perspective, these things will likely intensify and new destructive issues will arise.

The vibration of our energy as a Oneness is intensifying. This agitates our illusion because it simply lacks truth. If we don’t have the tools to address this agitation, we become marginalized and are more apt to do mean and horrific things to one another. We fail to treat each other in a way that we would like to be treated. In Oneness, we have the tools to address this agitation in a mature and constructive way that benefits ALL. No one gets exploited or taken advantage of in this process.

We ALL are here to aid in the process of bringing our entire earth into a state of Oneness. In other words, we have healed and learned from all of the aspects of the Great Illusion to the point that no illusion is present in our life experience.

We are currently here to continue to learn how to drive our human body and many of us are stuck. We are going to look at life as if it were a school and we are first learning how to drive our human body. We are already and always One but most of us are unaware of this. By engaging life as if we are here to learn, the awareness of our Oneness begins to grow exponentially. Insights into our Oneness usually emerge as “Oh! I’ve been experiencing this all my life but I didn’t know that this was Oneness.”

Many of us have a metaphorical truancy problem. And for most of us, we are completely unaware that truancy is the only cause for ALL of our life issues. We should have a doctorate in life yet, we’re stuck in the 4th grade. We’re getting the lesson plan suited for someone at a doctoral level, and we’re still working on memorizing our multiplication tables. Needless to say, many of us are horrendously behind and overwhelmed by life.

Every moment in our life holds a lesson plan that has a depth of infinite potential. There is no limit to Oneness, so our experience of Oneness will also have an infinite depth. One moment in our life can be measured as a breath in and out. In one moment, we experience every aspect of our being. Anything that we have failed to fully experience in our past will also be present in our current moment.

Sure, we are experiencing life non-stop. How do we know if we are experiencing it fully? In one moment, there is our personal self and all of our personal thoughts and emotions. In addition, there is everything else around us, the people, the plants, the cars, trucks, buildings, the animals, the weather, and so on. In addition to all this, there is the infinite potential of Oneness in every single moment. For example, we could be at a park enjoying a picnic with friends and family and there are birds, insects, other park patrons, and a regular stream of cars passing by the park entrance. There are likely things that we are attending to in the moment that have distracted us from some very important things that we are unaware of. This is not to suggest that we need to attend to every leaf, insect, passerby, and bird in every single moment. This is physically impossible. By the time we have attended to everything in one moment of our lives, a couple of decades have passed.

Our first step, is to start healing the stuck places of our past. These are life experiences that we likely felt overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, and or physically. We did not have the skills to navigate such an overwhelming event. This overwhelming moment in our past has highlighted something we haven’t learned yet.

When we fail to fully experience each moment, this is an act of truancy in the school of life. If we do this enough, we fall behind. However, life doesn’t wait for us to catch up. Life continues on, moment to moment. Every moment in our past that we skipped out on, becomes a stuck place in our life. The emotions become stuck, the ongoing distorted perspective continues, and it eventually shows up as a physical illness the longer it remains. Stuck places show up as a sensation of pain or discomfort in our body. We are going to utilize these sensations of discomfort and pain as a road map to freeing up these stuck places. With this comes healing, learning, and ultimately bliss.

Freeing up all the stuck places in our past, provides us the opportunity to be fully present in every moment. We start to engage life as an opportunity to build a clearer connection with our Oneness. For most of us, we have mountains of stuck experiences from our past. Most religious and spiritual traditions suggest that this could take a lifetime to work through. Most will not be able to work through all their stuck experiences in a lifetime. Not to worry, we are One in birth and the same is true in death. Upon death, we free ourselves of these stuck experiences and we see and sense our Oneness clearly. Luckily, we have a simple exercise that can help us catch up in our schooling.

We will also be covering other exercises that will help us empower the onward movement towards our Oneness into the future. We are going to learn how to rebuild our world in Oneness without the illusion needing to be part of our experience. With this foundation in place, we can now move forward...



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