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Discovering the truth and clearing up misunderstandings.


Oftentimes spiritual concepts are difficult to put into words for the sheer lack of words available. The English language comes from cultures that didn't explore this side of spirituality much.

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Rightness is a reference to a sense we all feel that has always been guiding us to our true self, One. This is a guidance we physically feel in our bodies. The older we are, the more likely it is that we have numbed ourselves to this feeling of rightness. Most of us have it pretty well numbed by the age thirteen. 'Love' removes the blindspots created from this numbing behavior. Numbing is when we eat to sooth our emotions, binge watch TV, play video games hours on end, numb with drugs, numb with sex/masturbation, or whatever we find distracting. Rightness is eluding most of us but it's there.

Rightness is not to suggest that there is a wrong-ness. Only, there is a way to Oneness and there is resistance to it. Rightness is always present regardless. We are either resisting it or we are accepting it. Resistance causes pain, sickness, and suffering for our self and others. Acceptance provides space for us to be who we were always meant to be. This causes, more acceptance and rightness in ourselves and others. This is the nature of Oneness.

Rightness does not imply a superiority over anyone or anything. It only suggests we know our personal path and purpose in every moment of our life.

*Chris had some things going on in her life that she felt but did not have physical evidence to prove. Chris was highly susceptible to people taking advantage of her and her kindness. She saw her kindness as a strategy for quickly establishing trust. However, some saw this as an oppurtunity to take advantage of her for their own benefit.

Now, many were not conscious of half of what they were doing. For many, it was a knee-jerk reaction or habit that inspired them to take advantage of Chris in these ways. These things often happen without conscious thought.

From Chris's perspective, her attempts in life never seemed to reliably work out. She not only anticipated but expected things to fall apart. Everything felt like an up-hill battle. Naturally, she was easily frustrated in life and often snapped in anger at those that hindered her path.

Chris came from a past where her parents viciously and incessantly sabotaged her many attempts in life. Being a small child, she wasn't mentally developed enough to notice the cunning nature of her parents. Her parents had motives based in fear and anger but that's an entirely different story.

Chris felt bad in her gut and had digestive issues much of her life. This feeling held something she felt since she was a child...betrayal. However, Chris didn't know that this feeling was betrayal. It was a feeling she felt for so long that she thought it was normal. Chris felt betrayal in her gut and she felt a lot of it. It was a constant source of discomfort. However, the constant sensation was better representative of the constant stream of betrayal she was enduring.

Chris just ignored the sensation in hopes that it would go away. She feverishly pushed through life with extraordinary endurance. However, in the sensation there was a truth that Chris hadn't learned yet. There were certain people in Chris's life, including her parents, that she should not be trusting.

Chris was feeling the the pain of betrayal. We feel this because, we are One. Nothing is secret as we become One. The discomfort we feel in our bodies is the representation of a misunderstanding. It is in the discomfort that we learn from the pain and gain clarity to our misunderstandings.

Chris addressed her issues with a rightness from the truth she discovered. When we are blind to aspects of our life, it is likely because we find them too painful. However, when we remove the blinders we learn the truth.

In our pain, we find the truth we are afraid to acknowledge.

We heal & we learn.

We are One.


*Names, places, and gender have been altered to respect, protect identity, and confidentiality.


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