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What can we do to help?


We all are on our own personal journey that perfectly fits in with every other personal journey around us. These other journeyers around us provide a perfect reflection of what is going on within us. Or, we could say it like this, 'what is happening immediately around us is providing a perfect reflection of what is in our heart.' Our life experience provides indication of what we still need to heal and learn.

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If we look at our current life experience, we need to ask ourselves a question. 'What are we commonly experiencing lately?' If we are feeling a lot of jealousy, then we are learning and healing from jealousy. If we are feeling a lot of rejection, then we can be assured that we still have something to learn and heal from the our experiences of rejection. The same can be said for grief, hurt, betrayal, hatred, and so on.

In our everyday life, these repeating painful life experiences can arrive in brutal fashion. We cringe every time they occur. We often feel powerless to change them. We've tried this and we've tried that. We feel a little hopeless and helpless to the repeating situation.

A 'Protector' provides us protected space. This space protects us from the continued and repeating onslaught of our everyday routine. This allows someone the space and time to heal and learn from their life experiences.

A 'Protector' stands between a person and their continued onslaught. Guided by Oneness, a 'Protector' filters the excess. What is allowed through is only what the person actually needs to heal and learn.

Many of us have grown accustomed to these reoccurring painful life experiences. We have numbed ourselves so much to them that our life experiences have progressively gotten louder and louder.

If jealousy lingers unhealed and unlearned, then the repeating life experience of jealousy increases in intensity.

If someone is intending to learn and heal in a 'Protector's' presence, they will be able to do so. Without a 'Protector,' they will fumble through their numbing behaviors and neurotic habits before they can actually begin to heal and learn.

A true 'Protector' is selfless. It is never about them. The moment it becomes about them, they cease being a 'Protector.'

*Paul knew the ways of the 'Protector.' He naturally took on this protector role with his kids. He knows that kids are just learning and will often get things wrong. They need a safe space they can challenge themselves at their own pace. They know what they are capable of and what they are still learning. They are going to approach something new with some appropriate hesitancy and thought. Each kid has their own pace of learning and the adults are there to protect their pace.

One of Paul's kids was a spiritual child. He recognized that they were far more sensitive to their surroundings than the other kids. They are going to feel BIG emotions and they are going to feel them not only in themselves but in others. They are more likely going to feel our words before they interpret them.

At first, Paul thought this child just needed more attention than the others. When Stephanie was a baby, she became exceptionally fussy when someone wasn't holding her. As they grew older, they never wanted to be left alone in a room without someone. Psychologists might refer to this as 'separation anxiety' or a 'sensitive temperament.'

However, Paul recognized that this behavior was something else. His daughter Stephanie seemed to be reacting not only to the emotional state of others nearby but even to a driver in car passing on the road.

Stephanie often had BIG emotional outbursts that appeared to come from nowhere. Paul was confused by these spontaneous outbursts and decided to utilize a technique he learned in 'Protector.' He spiritually constructed a shield of awareness around Stephanie. He thought this would at least help him determine where the outbursts were originating from, if not directly from Stephanie.

Paul was watering his garden one hot summer's day when he noticed a painful sensation surge through his body. Paul knew this sensation was not his personally but came from the environment around him. Paul's house was next to a fairly busy street.

Stephanie (age 3) was running through the sprinkler with absolute glee, laughing, and screaming with delight. Suddenly Stephanie's emotions rapidly went from glee to frustration, sadness, anger, and then back to sadness again. Nothing had changed in the moment but she began to complain about the sprinkler placement and the water height. She went into a rage and picked up the sprinkler and threw it. It sprayed her directly in the face, which she didn't like and went into a full blown uncontrollable sob. She plopped herself in the mud and grass and wailed. Paul came to Stephanie trying to console her. Through her sobs, her face turned to a rage and she yelled at him, "go away!"

Paul respected her wishes and stepped back to determine if she was physically hurt. He suddenly remembered the proceeding moment before the emotional outburst. The pain he felt was something hitting his shield of awareness that was around Stephanie. While Paul knew what to do with a spiritual attack to keep himself safe, this was way out of Stephanie's abilities.

Paul discovered through his shield of awareness that a passerby on the road was projecting their jealousy onto him and his daughter. The passerby had always wanted a girl but only had boys. Paul felt their jealousy as pain because they had a fleeting thought of, 'I will take Stephanie if you die.' Stephanie felt the passerby as, 'I'm going to take you from your parents.'

While the passerby may be good intentioned in wanting to care for Stephanie if they became parentless, this created an enormous amount of fear and rage in Stephanie. Stephanie clearly felt the energy of her parent's death and her sudden removal from her home. At least this is how 3 year-old Stephanie interpreted the energy.

From the incident and his shield, Paul was able to quickly confirm Stephanie's spiritual sensitivity. He also recognized that Stephanie doesn't need to be sorting out someone else's jealousy issues around not having a girl. This far exceeded the challenge level appropriate for a 3 year-old child.

From his skills learned in 'Protector,' Paul was able to construct a dynamic shield to accommodate Stephanie's skill level and age appropriate challenge level. Anything projected at Stephanie that was well beyond her skill level, Paul was able to appropriately address himself. He also began to teach her the spiritual tools she needed to address the continuing challenges she faced on her unique path.

Stephanie's emotional collapses nearly ceased. Paul continued to refine the shield to better meet her needs. After this, any emotional outbursts were brief and Stephanie was able to quickly manage them on her own. Paul regularly attends to the shield quickly making appropriate adjustments if needed. Once Stephanie has a skill level that is beyond her dad's, the shield is dropped. If Stephanie can address the life experiences that she is having on her own, the shield is dropped.

The skills of a 'Protector' is an extraordinary spiritual gift we can share with others.

Paul has countless stories of protecting his children. He also has countless stories of protecting land from pollution and overdevelopment. A passion of his. He can protect all from a place of spirituality with little to no physical interaction. His protection is subtle but remarkably effective.

Paul is connecting and aligning himself with Oneness. He knows this act is selfless and he cannot make it about him. The moment he believes he is doing the protecting, he has ceased being able to protect in an effective manner. And Stephanie would still be struggling.

Paul provided Stephanie a manageable yet challenging enough space so she could learn and heal at her pace.


*Names, places, and gender have been altered to respect, protect identity, and confidentiality.


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