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One | Video

Umm, this shocked me.


So, the video course for 'One' has been finalized and is available. I thought we would see a drop in what could be taught by changing to a video format but I was completely wrong. Instead, this pushed us. Some how we suddenly found ourselves teaching far more in less time!?!? And what gets taught is nothing short of epic.

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This helps with:

  • Struggling to fit in

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Regular relationship troubles

  • Poor self-esteem

  • Dislike towards self

We learn how to...

  • be comfortable in our own skin.

  • develop happiness by being our true authentic selves.

  • cultivate peace and stability.

  • read others better.

  • accept our authentic self.

  • heal others.

The course 'One' is a unique course that takes healing to places I had never thought possible. In this course we learn the true meaning of acceptance and we take this to places unimagined.

Our world is so hungry for this kind of healing, it hurts. It hurts to see so much pain in the world when we all can heal quickly and gently.

If you've taken 'Breath of Presence,' you're already prepped and ready for this course. If you thought 'Breath of Presence,' was a massive healing experience, try 'One.' This is a completely unique tool from 'Breath of Presence' but when we bring these two tools together...

Really, there is no way to put this into words. This is something that can only be experienced.



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