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Healing Racism

Healing Our World with Oneness


In order to heal something, we must know the root cause of the issue. This is often the challenge in healing anything. What are we healing? When we know what is causing the issue, we can potentially heal it. If we don’t know what is causing a disease, we are likely unable to heal it. There is a mystery here that needs diving into.

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Conventional medicine focuses on symptom reduction. How can we measure the reduction of a cause when we don’t know what the cause is? This is the dilemma of conventional medicine. This problem is perpetuated by outside paying sources like medical insurance, whom want to be assured their money is paying for effective treatment. They demand measured success of symptom reduction in a short period of time. Symptom reduction forces medical practitioners to base their treatment on this value system. The drive to find the cause of a disease is weakening. There’s not much money in it. The system is stuck.

When we go way way back and look at our ancestral roots we will find an answer, an answer that has been lost under generations and generations of sickness and chaos.

The sickness is rejection.

Rejection is the primary tool of illusion. Keep in mind, we’re talking about things from a perspective of Oneness. A brief understanding of Oneness: we are already One but many of us do not realize this yet. We believe we are separate. This is the belief of illusion. We base reality on physical appearance and thus make the deduction that we are physically separate and therefore cannot be One. It is a logical conclusion to make.

In reality, we have made this world to accommodate the appearance of individuality. At our base we are One. So, we are experiencing individuality but we are moving through a hurdle. Our intention is to live here on Earth and experience individuality as One. However, many of us are stumbling over the mass amounts of rejection that can be found in the world. We heal this hurdle, the world changes in massive ways.

In reality, we’ve spiritually created this illusory experience of physical division to provide an opportunity to live in Oneness, while appearing separate. When we reach this goal, it will be nothing short of magnificent. Spiritually, we’ve been slowly working in this direction of Oneness on Earth. However, there has been a sickness that has been spreading to epic proportions. And no, we’re not talking about COVID-19 and its variants. COVID, like mass shootings, climate irregularity, and number of other worldly issues are symptoms of this global issue of rejection. These are symptoms of mass rejection over generations. The cause is rejection.

Many may be thinking, 'I can handle rejection,' it's not that bad. Many may gravitate towards a break-up or divorce to connect with rejection. Most of us have grown numb to rejection and don't notice it as much. But it's causing us great pain, we've become numb to it.

If we go back in time, we can find the cause of our rejection problem. We’ll keep this big-picture for simplicity reasons. Long ago in an indigenous community there was a great rejection a child felt by a disapproving parent. The child messed up but meant well. However, the rejection from the parent was so severe that the child could not bring himself to feel such a painful rejection. The child, who we’ll call Randy, carried the pain into adulthood. The pain made him sick. Randy feared rejection everywhere he looked. The fear inspired him to compete with his community members.

Randy grew the community’s favorite food and a lot of it. Far more than they or the community needed but everyone wanted it. Instead of sharing or trading his harvest, which was the cultural norm, he began to task people. He tasked them with seemingly innocent tasks but it benefited Randy’s personal power and agenda. His customers didn’t know that these seemingly innocent tasks were detrimental to them and their community. Randy was competing with them and they didn’t know. They were being manipulated, sabotaged, and lied to.

It was common in Randy’s community to talk to their health care provider, which was typically a spiritual practitioner as well. They would typically employ a series of time proven herbal medicines, diet change, along with spiritual components. But Randy felt this was something that couldn’t be healed and he was unwilling to face something so painful as the rejection from a parent he so highly respected.

Randy’s sickness spread to his community and they too began to compete with not only Randy but each other. They all searched for something people might really want and then tasked their customers with insidious agendas hidden under a disguise of kindness.

Overtime, Randy’s community increased in size and wealth. Their population grew to record numbers and they did the unheard of. They invaded neighboring tribes and not only took over their land but they enslaved all the inhabitants. They colonized them and tasked them with their insidious tasks. This boost in free manual labor provided them with more and more. Far more than they needed of course but to them it gave them an illusory and temporary feeling of safety, security, and power.

The advent of money came along and this only buried the cause of the disease further. The complexities of our global financial system requires a doctorate to fully understand a fraction of our global economic system. It is complex and confusing, which is a common symptom of illusion. Luckily, from a spiritual perspective, trying to understand the chaos of illusion is a known waste of energy.

Randy’s community became exceptionally powerful in competition with each other and other tribes. Fear was driving their competition. They wanted to out-do their opponent before they were out-done. It became a dog-eat-dog-world. People lied, manipulated, and sabotaged their opponents. The pain of rejection spreads like an infectious disease. Communities continue to be colonized and they too became infected with the pains of rejection.

Today, Randy’s community is still colonizing the world only under different national titles. Nearly all, if not all the countries in the Americas are colonizing its original indigenous inhabitants and their land. Colonization is still occurring on nearly all continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and our island continents like Polynesia. These indigenous peoples are looked at with contempt if they follow their traditions. To the colonizer, their way is superior because look at their lifestyle. They have many of the things they could want. All they have to do is compete for them. They compete for their job and compete with their co-workers. If they have their own business, they compete with other businesses. This competition has become acceptable and a far cry from the peaceful sharing and trading approach of our ancestral counterparts. Now we have a global economy that is a chaotic complex beast that we all must subjugate ourselves to in order to survive. It’s incredibly oppressive and stressful.

We’ve become infected with the horrific pains of rejection. We pass it on to our children. Rejection is usually felt first from our parents, teachers, and caregivers. As a child we do something we think is a nice idea like draw a pretty picture on the wall for mommy and daddy. Instead of mom and dad being so happy their child drew this beautiful masterpiece, they are angry, disappointed, and reject their child’s gift. The pain of rejection has been officially passed to the next generation, largely unnoticed. The child goes to school and other children are segregating into cliques . Some of these groups look at other groups with contempt because the other group is physically different, poor, uncool, or whatever. This continues throughout all of academia and only becomes more convoluted and complex, all hidden under the front of kindness and legalities. By adulthood, most people are carrying around so many experiences of painful rejection that they have become severely ill.

Massive nations grew up as they colonized and exploited the indigenous people and their lands. Nations are just made-up ideas (human constructs) that we give power and allegiance to. These nations are either serving us or they are not. Most are competing with other nations and they are not really serving their people. Corruption and unrest have become the norm.

Racism is a symptom of the colonization. Like chicken pox, colonizers brought with them their unhealed pains of rejection. Colonizers projected their fears onto the indigenous communities with ruthless contempt.

Many indigenous communities can still look to their past and see that they didn’t really have issues with symptoms like drug abuse, domestic violence, excessive psychological disorders, suicide, pollution, poverty, abuse, and so on. Yes, these are the symptoms of colonization but colonization is a symptom of rejection. Indigenous people experience rejection when they welcomed the unusual yet potentially good traders to their ports. Communities experienced various levels of insidious activity, rape, theft, manipulation, sabotage, lies, and eventually colonization. These experiences are difficult to heal because these insidious acts were largely unheard of for most indigenous cultures. They didn’t predominatly live this way nor did they really think this way.

Rather than seeing the indigenous lifestyle as valuable, colonizers brushed it aside as naïve. Instead, they imposed their “superior” lifestyle of competition and colonization.

Oppression is very painful.

We now have a community of sick people filled with ongoing rejection. They are fighting and competing among groups that work to compete and reject each other. From the cliques on the playground to the big nations of the world, we are rejecting each other through competition. We are forming groups to become more powerful so we can reject each other, oppress, and impose our insidious tasks.

Racism is the act of looking at someone with contempt. We believe that in some way, they are inferior. We can only think this way, if we believe we are separate.

It starts with healing the rejection we’ve experienced in our life. From birth to now, it has been brutal for nearly all of us. The sickness of the ongoing and repeated rejection is massive and worldwide. The Oppressors are dealing with the same pain of rejection. Few seem to look at their experiences of rejection and really heal it. So, rejection spreads from continent to continent and now it continues down through the generations.

The antidote for rejection, just so happens to be a primary quality of Oneness: acceptance. Acceptance is the spiritual antidote. Because rejection has become so trendy, acceptance is a radical move these days.

Accept yourself. Accept what you have gone through.

Accept others. Accept that others are different from the way the look to the how they think and do things.

Accept that we are in the mess we are in. This is an early step to healing.

Accept that you may have done some pretty awful things to others.

Accept that others have done some pretty awful things to you.

Accept that we’ve experienced lots of rejection and we are uncertain how to fix it. Otherwise, we would’ve fixed it a long time ago. Rejection is a seriously effective tool at creating great emotional pain and discomfort. It creates division and thus more illusion.

We are all individually different and we all have unique qualities to offer the world. When we were born, these qualities were pure before they were defiled by repeated rejection. These original qualities accommodated the values of unity inherently. These pure qualities fulfilled what some indigenous communities might refer to as our God given life purpose or vision. Our vision is unique from everyone else and it fulfills an important role for a strong society. We each are uniquely necessary. However, because of the ongoing onslaught of rejection, most people have abandoned their vision and dedicated their time to competing with each other. This is not a judgement as this has become somewhat of a necessity in the world, we live in. We are surrounded by mass sickness of rejection.

All activity derived from the fear of rejection, promotes more rejection. This does not mean we should accept or tolerate an ongoing rejection activity in our life. What we do with rejection is we drown it with acceptance. We accept each other and everything. We shower each other with acceptance as equals regardless of age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, culture, religion, politics, etc…

This does not mean we bend over for the oppressors to accommodate their fear of rejection. We all must heal from our experiences of rejection, oppressor and oppressed. Reframe our perspective of others to: they are doing what works for them. If it isn’t causing any harm, it shouldn't matter. I have my own opinions and it is these opinions that guide my life. They have their opinions and it is these that guide their life. Acceptance. We don’t have to agree or like something to accept it.

To heal something like racism, we must be willing to heal from the ongoing rejection we experienced all our life. If we are unable to heal this, our life and world will continue to be riddled by the fear of rejection. We have named the cause. Let’s move our healing focus from symptoms to the cause.

Shower everything and everyone with acceptance in everything you do, every day, and in every moment.



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