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Fairness & Mental Health

Fairness is Part of Being Human


We’ve all heard a child say, “that’s not fair!” Kids instinctively and quickly recognize when things are unfair. Fairness is a part of being human.

Unfairness is learned.

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We’ve also have likely heard a parent say, “life’s not fair!” So, we teach our kids that life’s unfair and there’s nothing that can be done about it. We grow up learning to live with it and we bottle up the anger again and again.

This is incredibly hard on our mental health.

Life is fair. It is people that are choosing to be unfair. At any time folks could easily make a different choice suggesting that life can be fair. We choose to be fair every moment of every day.

What do you choose?

Listen to that younger wiser self that instinctively knew what was better for yourself and everyone. Be fearlessly fair every day and every moment. Be fearlessly fair to everyone, everything, and to yourself.

You will feel better.



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