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Dream big or don't dream at all.


Dreaming is often in reference to someone sleeping, yet we have this saying: 'dream big.' When we are asleep, generally we are in a passive state of mind. Typically, we cannot determine what our dreams are going to be about. So how does one, dream big?

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Sure, we're taking a common colloquialism and interpreting it in a literal way. But what if we should be taking it in a literal way. 'Dream big.' What does this literally mean?

There is a passive nature about our dreams. We can't really do anything in them. We are either in the dream or we are observing the dream. In both scenarios, we are along for the ride. We may try to exude our personal will into them while they are happening but this is challenging too. For example, we may be facing something we want to get away from but our legs won't move or they feel like we're moving through molasses.

We also don't know how our dreams are going to end. They may even be a reoccurring dream but we don't always know with absolute certainty how they are going to end. Why? Because we are always trying to exude our will in a dream. And we assume that this will is having an effect on the dream. So, if we have a reoccurring dream that usually or always ends in the same way, it is our will that might influence it and potentially change the outcome. But most of us know, that this will we impose on the dream rarely works or seems to have little effect. So, we may try different approaches in the reoccurring dream, all with minimal effect.

In the dream, we are acting from a place of individuality and thus, we have minimal impact on the outcome.

When we act from a place of Oneness, we have miraculous impacts.

When our personal motives are aligned with the infinite, greater, everything (Oneness), the possibilities are endless. These motives are the motives and desires of all things. Oneness is everything and there is a common motive and desire here. We can all feel this motive and desire within in us if we have done some spiritual house cleaning. We're talking about completely healing and learning from our past.

There is a pure welling up of a motive and desire that becomes clear and unstoppable. We don't want to stop it. It fits our personality perfectly. We feel content with our life. The will of Oneness is aligned with our personal will. We're no longer fighting what is happening in our lives but instead, we have accepted it unconditionally. We may not like it but we are no longer fighting or resisting it. It is the fighting that makes us sick.

From this place of unconditional acceptance (love), we become One. Our will is unified with everything and everything we do is empowered by everything. However, most of us are acting from a place of individuality and thus having only limited individual effects.

*Pierre, a French Canadian had a big and unique dream. Pierre shared his big dream with others. However, most carry enormous amounts of doubt from their past. They've been acting from a place of individuality and have learned over time, that they often have minimal effect in their lives. Typically, the longer one's life, the bigger their doubt. There are other reasons for self-doubt but this is different topic. So, when Pierre shared his big dreams, they reflexively showered him with their doubts. "Pierre...I've never heard of something like this. I doubt that will work," they would say. Or there was the sympathetic look that said, "Pierre, you're so naive."

At first, Pierre took on these doubts as constructive criticism to challenged his big dream and possibly make it better. Logically, this makes sense but it was detrimental to the success of his big dream. Everyone's doubts were coming from their place of individuality. This limited perspective ended up imposing new fears onto Pierre's big dream that were irrelevant. So Pierre's big dream floundered and never really flourished for decades. Everything Pierre did, seemed to take enormous effort to get a short distance.

Pierre was acting from a place of individuality and doubt. A big dream needs a big following. Oneness is a big following. Our wills have to align to bring forth miracles. We are not giving up our personal will. Our true personal will is already aligned with Oneness. When our will becomes individualistic, it losses its efficacy and sputters. We may have good intentions but we're off center. We are simply missing the mark to bring these intentions to life. We cannot do this by ourself. Life will always be a struggle.

Pierre learned the skills in 'Creating.' In his forties, Pierre carried and epic amount of doubt that would be unimaginable for most. He could get nothing done despite how good his intentions were. 'Creating' helped him sidestep just a fraction of his doubt. This was enough to jump start his big dream and he's been riding the wave ever since.

His life starting making extraordinary leaps and bounds, often in directions he didn't expect. Some of these changes were shocking and unexpected but he always found all his needs met. He started to look at these changes with excitement because of the outcomes. Time and time again, the outcomes from his skills learned in 'Creating' was beyond words, unimaginable, and had magnificent effects on himself and everyone around him.

"Life became beautiful," he said. "And absolutely extraordinary," he added.

Dreams are passive and we can be uncertain of their outcome, much like life. Individuality, is active and we hope for a particular outcome. Embracing life with unconditional acceptance is an embrace of the passive quality found in life. Having faith that the outcome will always meet our needs, replaces hope.

Our unified will, establishes a clarified intent in our heart.

Life becomes effortless because we are embracing the true passive nature of our life experience. We empower the unified intent and our life experience reflects the intent. What emerges from the uncertain outcome of life, is our unified intent. It may look a little different than what we expect but it is always perfect. This is because our perspective from individuality would've had the outcome happen in a different way. However, this different way would've never met our needs.

It is the outcome that reveals the intent of our hearts.

But if we have layers of doubt, the intent is hidden in the outcome. With doubt, the outcome rarely matches our intent and often causes lots of problems with others. Our good intentions are muddled into the background of our fears and doubts. 'Creating' helps us bypass this nonsense.


*Names, places, and gender have been altered to respect, protect identity, and confidentiality.


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