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Couples | Video

It's finally here!

Many of you have been subtlety elbowing me trying to nudge me into finishing the 7-part series for ‘Couples.’ With my personal relationship issues now behind me, it finally felt right in getting this finalized. Well, I’m happy to announce ‘Couples’ has finally come into fruition. Thank you all for your patience.

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I've decided to reward this patience with a 50% off early-bird special for a limited time.

Relationship troubles can be exhausting, painful, scary, stressful, oppressive, and hurtful to list just a few descriptors. If this goes on long enough, partners become bitter. Not only do they become bitter with each other but they become bitter with their family, themselves, and life in general. Such is the outcome when partners try to hurt one another again and again.

It takes two to argue but if just one responds with love and compassion, the argument falls flat. Now imagine this happening with every argument. Maybe there isn’t much arguing and there are more insidious actions of hurt happening just below the surface. Regardless, we can learn to genuinely respond with kindness because we want to.

We cannot force our partner to heal but we can start looking at ourself for healing. Most of us have never learned how to heal from something hurtful. Because it hurts, it is tempting to sling that hurt back at our partner but with a little added spite and revenge. And the cycle continues over and over again. It is a downward spiral that only takes one person to stop it in its tracks.

In ‘Couples’ we learn to heal from attacks and respond to them rather than react.

We’ll also learn strategies to cultivate the things we need in the relationship that may be lacking. We’ll explore forgiveness and relational healing too. Participants will come out with a handful of tools to start healing their relationship from day one.

Each relationship has issue(s) that are usually complex and have a lot of things involved from how the toilet paper roll should be hung to lawyers being involved. If you’re needing guidance regarding children, abuse, legalities, finances and the like, talk to a licensed professional. These issues are complex and require one-on-one discussions with a professional to assure safety and fairness, particularly if children are involved.

Whether your partner is invested in healing the relationship or not, you yourself can start making healing changes today by downloading the confidential video links.

Hurry to get the early-bird special and get 50% off for a limited time.


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