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Breath of Presence

Bringing peace to chaos and havoc.


Breath of Presence is a vague term but a specific one. Breath is a reference to the spiritual tool and presence refers to the unique person we are. Each of us have a unique presence that is essential to any given moment of life.

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Life is passing by us moment by moment and we are aware of a slight fraction of it. Imagine going into a busy outdoor market. There are a lot of voices, activity, smells, people, children, bird song from a tree, food, fruits, vegetables, hand-made products, feelings, thoughts, an argument to our left, a car horn, someone's asking us a question, our child is begging for a toy she saw earlier, and so on. There is so much filling our logical minds, that it has trouble focusing on the person asking us a question let alone the rest of it.

It is impossible for our logical mind to monitor and keep track of all this activity. In reality, every moment of our life is filled with the abundance of this level of activity. Even in our sleep, there are sensations we feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. Dreams come and go. Even in the solitude and quietness of the wilderness, there is an enormous amount of activity that we cannot possibly fathom with our logical minds.

We must bring space and peace to this crowdedness in our experience.

We do not need to consciously be aware of everything that is happening in every moment. However, we are often missing so much of what we do need to know. We need to know this in order to walk our life path appropriately. From our Breath of Presence we find out what we need to know.

Breath of Presence creates space in places that are crowded and stuck. It provides space for something that will likely feel new to us. It will provide clarity to our misunderstandings. It can heal us, it can heal others, and it can protect us and other's as we heal.

Lucinda* was protecting a ceremony along with three other individuals. Lucinda was following a Native American based tradition provided and taught at 'A Little Oneness Therapy' through 'Purpose' and 'Protector.' Lucinda and the other three protectors were responsible for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual safety of several individuals. These individuals were isolated from humanity and each other, cradled in the beauty of nature for four day and nights.

Lucinda abruptly felt something wrong and looked around to see what was the matter. Everything appeared fine but it still felt horrendously wrong. Lucinda knew something was amiss and she needed to find out fast because this feeling felt big.

Lucinda was in the middle of a task that she needed to get done soon. The wind was immense and made it difficult to hear. She saw to other protectors in the distance discussing something and things didn't feel good between them. She glanced up the hill where the individuals were scattered throughout the forest. In this simple glance she felt a sinking feeling. She knew something wasn't right in both places.

Lucinda was committed to her protector role and walked straight towards the sinking feeling she felt coming from the hill. When she reached the top of the hill she was encountered with a spirit with ill intentions. Things were becoming intense and she knew she needed to bring her Breath of Presence to the moment. Otherwise, she was lost and unsure of what to do. This spirit had ill intentions for those on the hill and managed to already cause some issues with two other protectors.

From this Breath of Presence, Lucinda was able to slice through the chaotic nature of the moment and get to the heart of what she needed to know. Lucinda was guided to consume the spirit. How, she had no idea but it just happened the moment the idea came to her mind. So there was no thought in making a decision she would have likely hesitated with. With an ill intentioned spirit now within her. She was guided to walk to a specific tree. The tree pulled the spirit out of Lucinda and it went into "Mother Earth" as she would refer to it.

Things instantly fell peaceful in the area.

Lucinda was abruptly faced with a number of things in the moment while she was finishing up a task. She was so overwhelmed by this that she had to stop what she was doing and sit down and make space for the knowledge she needed. She needed to know what to do and quickly. This spirit was already creating so much havoc for the folks on the hill and Lucinda's fellow protectors.

Lucinda hadn't really done anything exactly like this before but it all happened perfectly and was exactly what was needed. Breath of Presence brought her knowledge and clarity. It also brought guidance and clarity.

At 'A Little Oneness Therapy' we can resolve a situation like this even faster than Lucinda was able to resolve it, which was remarkably quick. We will learn the skills where in one moment we are realizing something isn't right and in the next, we have already resolved the issue.

Breath of Presence provides space for us to clarify misunderstanding and know what is important in the moment. From here, we can protect ourself and others, heal ourself and others, know our next step, empower the future, and clarify our Oneness. It brings peace to chaos and havoc.

Breath of Presence also exists only in the present moment. This spiritual tool is only available to us now.


*Names, places, and gender have been altered to respect, protect identity, and confidentiality.


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