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The roots of A Little Oneness Therapy can be traced deep into the spirituality of the Lipan, Apache of North and Central America.  However, in the late 1800's, a member of this spiritual lineage named Stalking Wolf, created another branch in this spiritual tree.

A Little Oneness Therapy is the continued vision of Stalking Wolf.  


Stalking Wolf was born during the 1870’s in a band of Lipan, Apache that never surrendered to the United States colonization through treaties.  Because of these circumstances, the Lipan have continuously been one of the many federally unrecognized tribes in the United States.


In the late 1800's Stalking Wolf grew up in the mountains of Northern Mexico with his people, hiding from authorities during a time of great violence and upheaval.  He learned and mastered the traditional spiritual teachings and skills of his people by the time he was 20. His vision then carried him on a 63-year journey away from home through North, Central, and South America.  


Indigenous peoples of the Americas were often generous with their riches and shared them through trade routes and centers prior to European colonization.  These trade routes and centers were shut down after colonization.  However, Stalking Wolf continued this tradition, exchanging skills and spirituality with predominately other indigenous tribes. However, he also discussed religious matters with colonizers, sharing stories and experiences.


Stalking Wolf collected a massive base of skills and spiritual practices from all over the Americas.  In so doing, he noticed that there were several common threads in the spirituality that formed a stout foundation.  His vision called him to bring understanding, compassion, and healing to the world not just for the indigenous peoples of the Americas but for everyone.  So, each spiritual practice was stripped of the cultural dogmas unique to each tribe. What was left were the roots of the spirituality.  As a result, this allowed access to the spirituality regardless of cultural, racial, religious, or spiritual background.  


The foundation of these spiritual practices are taught to assure the continuation of Stalking Wolf’s vision.  As a result, this traditional spiritual lineage is a branch from the Lipan, Apache and should not be interpreted as specifically traditional Lipan teachings.  These teachings have been passed down through Tom Brown Jr. and Malcolm Ringwalt.  


Full permission has been granted from the Lipan and Stalking Wolf's traditional lineage, to provide these teachings in this way.

Traditional teachings come from the blood, sweat, and tears of elders and ancestors through the generations.  These elders did not go through these efforts so someone in the future could own and sell for personal gain.  This is why the traditional teachings are provided either at no charge or enough to assure sustainability.  We do provide these traditional teachings along with the clinical approach as requested by this lineage. 


The clinical teachings are derived from the traditional teachings but are not considered traditional.  We have established this format out of respect for all cultures, particularly American Indigenous cultures.

Following the conventional format of psychological therapies, means these teachings would still largely be in absence.  ALOT was formed to teach these culturally derived therapeutic tools so there are more choices in therapy.  These teachings are not only provided on a global scale but they are taught to other psychological professionals as a continuing education.  This is done to help remedy the great dearth of culturally derived therapies and technologies found in psychology today.    

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