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Here, we share stories and get to know one another. We know this can be stressful and you've got questions and or you're not sure your counselor/coach is a good fit for you. Take the stress out and schedule a thirty minute Free Consult. The Free Consult is available virtually through a confidential tele-health platform. 


Aaron Mitchell, MS, MHC

Aaron has a BA in psychology and a master's degree in mental health counseling.  He has been in the health care field since the early 90's.


As an adolescent, Aaron started healing and learning from American Indigenous elders. This healing addressed many issues including psychological ones.  He returned to these elders to adress a traumatic incident that conventional psychology didn't help. Cultural psychological treatment simply wasn't available in his area.

With permission, Aaron integrated traditional Indigenous approaches into therapy with his clients.  It helped immensly and addressed some issues conventional psychology couldn't.  The traditional techniques were altered slightly to fit in a clinical setting.


People saught out this cultural treatment approach and always lamented the lack of availibility and choice in therapy.

Aaron founded ALOT to provide more cultural treatment approaches world-wide.

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Finding a therapist or counselor that you can truly connect with can be challenging, that's why we offer this free "get to know each other" session. 

Cultural Differences

Cultures outside the Euro-American umbrella, often have several common threads and essential elements in what they would anticipate in healing from a psychological issue:


Spirituality or religion is typically incorporated.

Everything has an energy.

Concepts of Oneness.

Stagnation of energy causes sickness.

Each person is unique and so is their treatment.


ALOT has included these elements, which are largely absent from conventional psychology. People are encouraged to bring their unique spiritual background to their healing work. 

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