Continuing Education

All continuing education courses are taught by a psychological professional with a bachelor's degree or higher. 

Many of the courses are held in Hawaii.  However, this is not to suggest that what is being taught is derived from Hawaiian or any Polynesian culture or spirituality.  For more information on the history of this spiritual foundation, read more here.

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‘Individual’ is a series of courses designed to teach health care providers how to utilize many of the healing techniques taught at A Little Oneness Therapy School for a clinical setting. Cultural techniques taught in ‘Love,’ ‘Rightness,’ 'Healing,' 'Commitment,' 'Attend,' 'One,' and ‘Breath of Presence’ will be covered to give providers a solid set of tools for their clinical tool box. We will also be covering a working theory, cultural issues, culturally congruent treatment techniques as well as experiencing them personally.  


‘Couples’ is a course designed to teach health care providers how to provide couples therapy in a clinical setting utilizing the various techniques at A Little Oneness Therapy School.  Participants will be experiencing the techniques for themselves before they administer them to their clients or patients.